By Michael Paschalis; Stavros Frangoulidis (ed.)

ISBN-10: 9080739022

ISBN-13: 9789080739024

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Plut. Caes. # in Greek (Pomp. 60,2). Whether or not Caesar (or Plutarch, or Plutarch’s source, probably Asinius Pollio) feels this to be a quote from Menander, when Chariton makes it the opening of the action of his novel, he gives his mixture of the historical/comic/erotic a mischievously Caesarian precedent. Look there, says Chariton, Caesar had been messing about on the boundaries between the historical and the erotic long before I got down to work. And in terms of the novel’s structure, just as Caesar’s plunge across the Rubicon initiates the civil strife that is only fully brought to an end in Augustus’ empire, Theron’s decision initiates the travels of Callirhoe; it is in this sense the foundation of her adventure, an adventure whose happy ending in Syracuse restores to order what Sicilian piracy brought into chaos.

Certainly, Chariton rewrites history. The historical daughter of Hermocrates does not emerge alive from her tomb, and the historical Dionysius was her husband, not her son. Yet, despite the fact that the historical and fictional Dionysius-stories don’t match up exactly, the novel’s open-ended ending offers an aition for the re-emergence of tyranny in Syracuse. Dionysius’ childhood in wealthy Ionia and the links of his ‘foster-father’ Dionysius to the Persian king serve to ‘explain’ both his name and his tyrannical and nondemocratic rule, while his ultimate status as the child of the true Syracusans Callirhoe and Chaereas –whose wedding was requested and celebrated by the entire demos of Syracuse (1,1,11, 14) – imaginatively legitimates his position.

Le latin dans le monde grec: Recherches sur la diffusion de la langue et des lettres latines dans les provinces hellénophones de l’ Empire romain, Bruxelles: Collection Latomus 233. Ruiz-Montero, C. 1989. ‘Caritón de Afrodisias y el mundo real’, in: P. M. Scarcella, eds. Piccolo mondo antico: Appunti sulle donne, gli amori, i costumi, il mondo reale nel romanzo antico, Napoli: Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, 106-149. —. 1991. ‘Aspects of the Vocabulary of Chariton of Aphrodisias’, CQ 41, 484-489.

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