By Aloysius Martinich

ISBN-10: 0631216472

ISBN-13: 9780631216476

This large anthology includes the main entire and authoritative selection of readings in analytic philosophy of the 20th century. It presents a survey and research of the major matters, figures and ideas.

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41 Yet he had at least the merit of devising an interesting move, which, if successful, would greatly weaken the force of the sceptical challenge. On Malcolm’s reading of him, in contrast, he would simply be begging the question and do so in an utterly obvious way. 2 ‘Defending common sense’ The criticisms that Malcolm raises against Moore in his 1949 paper are totally different. As anticipated, he focuses on the use that Moore makes of the verb ‘to know’ in relation to his truisms. 42 34 Moore and Wittgenstein According to Malcolm, none of these features is respected by Moore’s use of that expression.

It must be stressed that up to this point Moore’s proof is directed against an idealist who denies that there is an external world, as he denies that there G. E. Moore 27 are objects that exist independently of the fact that we actually perceive them. Furthermore, the proof is clearly based on the idea of presenting two instances of physical objects (but notice that one would do just as well), in order to support the claim that there is an external world. Thus, it proceeds just like a ‘proof’ of, say, there being misprints in a book – that is, by presenting specific instances of the category of misprint.

Moore 31 be probable and not certain. 38 Moore’s response to scepticism, on Malcolm’s reading of it, is thus as follows. Let us consider a paradigmatic case of sure-fire knowledge, such as that this, that I hold up in front of me in good lighting conditions, while I am cognitively lucid, is my hand. ’ According to Malcolm, Moore’s answer to the sceptic appeals to our language sense, reminding him of the fact that there is an ordinary use of the locution ‘to know with certainty’ in which it gets applied to empirical statements.

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