By Johan Huijsing, Michiel Steyaert, Arthur H.M. van Roermund

ISBN-10: 0306479508

ISBN-13: 9780306479502

ISBN-10: 0792376218

ISBN-13: 9780792376217

This 10th quantity of Analog Circuit layout concentrates on three subject matters: 1. Scalable Analog Circuits, 2. High-Speed D/A Converters, and three. RF energy Amplifiers. every one subject is roofed by means of 6 papers, written through across the world well-known specialists on that subject. those papers have an academic nature geared toward enhancing the layout of analog circuits. The booklet is split into 3 components: half I, Scalable Analog Circuit layout describes in 6 papers problems with: scalable high-speed layout, scalable high-resolution mixed-mode ADC and OpAmp layout, scalable high-voltage layout for XDSL, scalability of wire-line entrance ends, reusable IP analog layout, and porting CAD analog layout. half II, High-Speed D/A Converters describes in 6 papers problems with: advent to high-speed D/A converter layout, retargetable 12-bit 200-MHz CMOS present guidance layout, high-speed CMOS D/A converters for upstream cable purposes, static and dynamic functionality boundaries, the linearity problem of D/A converters for communications, and a 400-MHz, 10-bit charge-domain CMOS D/A converter for low-spurious frequency synthesis. half III, RF energy Amplifiers describes in 6 papers problems with: procedure features, evaluation and trade-offs, linear transmitter architectures, GaAs microwave SSPAs, Monolithic transformer-coupling in Si-bipolar, and RF energy amplifier layout in CMOS.

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If the number of interconnects required between the analog and digital sections is small, it may actually be better to split the die. g. 9mm. 2. 1 um minimum gate length. Unfortunately shrinking does little if anything for one of the dominating noise sources in CMOS data conversion design: kTC noise. This results in an approximately linear compression with 25 scaling of signal to noise ratio. However, process designers do usually scale the threshold voltages to some degree with the shrink, so that the ability to stack devices in, for example, an opamp design, does become compressed with process scaling but relatively softly.

To better understand the implication involved in realizing such a kind of components it is worth referring, for sake of simplicity, to the voltage limitations of npn transistor. [3] 49 As shown in Figure 3, its collector to emitter breakdown voltage with base shorted (Biceps is usually made equal to Bacon) mainly depends on the breakdown voltage of diode D1 and D2. The net epitaxial layer W1, its resistivity and the reach-through mechanism define the breakdown voltage of D1 while the breakdown of D2 mainly depend s on the radius of curvature of the base diffusion.

455-461, Apr. 1993 (self-calibration) 40 3) “A Self-Calibrating 15 bit CMOS A/D Converter” Lee, Hodges and Gray, IEEE Jnl. of Solid State Circuits, Vol. 19, pp. 813-819, Dec. 1984 4) “Architecture and Algorithm for Fully Digital Correction of Monolithic Pipelined ADCs” Soenen and Geiger, IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems II, Vol. , IEEE Jnl. of Solid State Circuits, Vol. 31, pp. 1862-1872, Dec. 1996 (pumped switches) 6) “Two-phase Bootstrapped CMOS Switch Drive Technique and Circuit” Singer and Brooks, USP 6118326, Sep.

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