By Paul Thomas

ISBN-10: 0415908698

ISBN-13: 9780415908696

Alien Politics retrieves from the writings of Marx an unique conception of the nation which continues to be attainable and suitable this present day. Paul Thomas lines the method through which Marx's conception of the country because the tool of the capitalist ruling type turned remodeled into communist dogma lower than the auspices of Lenin and different "official" Marxist stalwarts. He argues that Marx's writings nonetheless have whatever to educate us and shouldn't be pulled down with the monoliths and mausoleums of communism.

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He said further that these rights are mutually dependent for their existence, without which human rights would soon disappear. Any Bill of Human Rights that excludes the right to private property is doomed to futility and failure. CHAPTER FOUR LIBERTY AND CHARITY IT IS NEITHER POSSIBLE nor feasible to discuss here all the many accusations that may be directed at the author's definition of liberty, and at the foundation of economic liberty as it has been identified. But one accusation above all others seems to have wide appeal, and deserves some attention in even this brief treatment of the subject of liberty; it is the charge that liberty means selfishness and a lack of the spirit of charity.

Rights to private property are human rights; it is not a question of "human rights or property rights" as is frequently asserted. In the analysis thus far it has been concluded: 1. That liberty is a human right, unlimited except as it is necessary to restrain one person from trespassing on the liberty of another (as will be discussed in later chapters) . 2. That economic liberty is the safeguard of other forms of liberty, and apparently essential to their preservation. 3. That the right to the product of one's labor is the foundation of economic liberty.

Nor is compassion so cheap a virtue as to be practiced by the mere distributing of grants of aid taken from the pockets of others, rather than from one's own pocket or from his own effort in production. A charity worker may be a kindly and lovable soul, but as far as compassion is concerned, he is only an employed person buying groceries and things for certain persons by using other people's money, in a manner like that of the housemaid who goes shopping for her employer. Under a scheme of affairs where a political body takes full responsibility in the caring for the victims of disaster, it is doubtful if compassion can long endure.

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