By William S. Leigh

ISBN-10: 0284910996

ISBN-13: 9780284910998

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1 Gravity, man's name fo r the energy o f the earth, is the never-sleeping therapist and teacher. All we men and women as Rolfers can do is to prepare the bod y o f the individual to receive and respond positively to the effects o f the gravitational field. This is our sole contri­ bution. 2 - I d a R olf unique in her focus on fascia. Fascia is the four dimen­ sional web of elastic, connective tissue which envelops muscles, bones, organs, nerves, blood vessels. Fascia is what gives the body its shape.

He grumbled about how well I looked and asked what I was doing in California. I told him I was Rolfing, and he wanted to know what that was, so I offered to let him experience it. I had him take off all his clothes except his shorts, and we went to work. It was quite a show. Secretaries popped in, screamed and backed out. No one lingered or stopped to watch. I found some­ thing strange going on in one side of his neck. As I turned his head, something seemed to constrict the movement. I was putting quite a lot of pressure on the side of his neck and turning his head at the same time, when something popped.

Tears came to Ida's eyes. I kissed her on the cheek. There were tears in my eyes too as I left and closed the door. My love and association with Ida continued throughout the years. It was actually Ida who first told me of the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. She had met him in England, and they were friends throughout their lives. Ida always said that Moshe had taught her two very important things early in her career: 1 . That emotions were tied into the muscles, and positive feelings were tied into the extensor muscles which have more white fiber than red, while neg­ ative feelings were tied into the flexor muscles which have more red fiber.

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