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Einstein's basic conception of Relativity results in outstanding predictions: first, that the final word future of many colossal stars is to suffer gravitational cave in and to vanish from view, abandoning a 'black gap' in house; and secondly, that there'll exist singularities in space-time itself.

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Translation (in the more broadly cultural sense that governs early modern as well as most recent applications of the term) is, as I shall argue, not only a crucial key to the understanding of More’s multilayered and enigmatic work but also defines and illustrates the way in which all utopian literature seeks to construct and re-construct history. 1. Transfer or Transformation? – The Paradoxical Nature of Early Modern Translation The word ‘translation’ by no means indicated a purely linguistic process in early modern usage.

Translation’ is there defined as “the removal of an humor or disease from one part of the body to another” (Renou 1657: sig. ] when a light Planet separateth from a more weighty one, and presently applieth to one more heavy” (Phillips 1658: sig. 7 Whereas most of these definitions, however specialized, seem to imply that the object of transposition remains essentially the same during the process, some early modern applications of the word indicate the very opposite, imagining translation as a practice of alteration and change (cf.

And a few years later he states, with equal clarity: “Alteration is the translator’s sin” (207). As is the case with most humanist programmatic theory, Bruni’s far-reaching methodological claims are not entirely without a polemical edge. They are explicitly directed against the thirteenthcentury scholar and bishop Robert Grosseteste, whose previous blundering version of Aristotle’s work Bruni pretends to emend. This competitive approach to philological translation as “an act of physical retrieval” (Norton 1981: 177) – a retrieval concentrating above all upon matters of style, now considered as crucial to the integrity of meaning – was shared by a great number of early modern humanist translators, not least among them Erasmus in his influential ‘emendation’ of the Vulgate.

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