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It really is renowned that the classical series areas co and Ip (1 <= p <) have, as much as equivalence, only one symmetric foundation. nevertheless, there are examplesof Orlicz series areas that have uncountably many at the same time nonequivalentsymmetric bases. hence in [4], p. a hundred thirty, the query is requested whetherthere is a Banach house with, as much as equivalence, multiple symmetric basis,but now not uncountably many. during this paper we solution the query absolutely, byexhibiting a Banach house with, as much as equivalence, accurately symmetricbases.

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6. What is worse, an arbitrarily shaped disturbance, which may be decomposed into a Fourier series of waves of different wavelengths, will disperse. The smaller wavelength components will move more slowly than the longer wavelength components. Our discussion so far has been focussed upon a Cartesian coordinate system in which the grid points are spaced uniformly in x and y. Such a grid might be adequate for a local numerical weather prediction model, but will not suffice in a global context. A grid which is regular in (say) latitude <> / and longitude X will become singular at the poles, with the grid length becoming very small at high latitudes.

The instruments record temperature, pressure and humidity as the sonde rises. Tracking of the balloon by radar provides data on the horizontal wind components at different levels. 00 hours GMT; some stations also take observations at intermediate times. 2 The global observing network 33 which is merely tracked, and carries no instruments. A pilot ascent therefore returns information only about the horizontal wind vector as a function of height. The radiosonde system is one of the most accurate atmospheric observing systems.

Second, divide 9 into a reference profile and a small anomaly. Then, multiplying out the terms in Eq. 81) and dropping the products of small terms, the quasi-geostrophic potential vorticity can be recovered. The Ertel potential vorticity combines the dynamics and thermodynamics of the atmosphere into a single equation. It is the most compact, and arguably the most fundamental description of the atmospheric flow. An ideal goal is to describe the global circulation entirely in terms of the sources, sinks and transports of potential vorticity.

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